Stop Endless Tax Hikes

In the Missouri Senate, Dr. Bob Onder has cut income taxes, small business taxes, and corporate taxes. He fought the 2021 Gas Tax Hike, the largest tax increase in Missouri history and this year is fighting to repeal it. He has joined Senator Eigel in his fight to eliminate the personal property tax.

Bob’s opponent, Shutdown Steve, has never seen a tax hike he didn’t like – from Governor Mel Carnahan’s Senate Bill 380, the largest tax increase in Missiouri history at the time, to the 2021 Gas Tax Hike, which now has the distinction of being the current largest tax increase to date. He has supported gas tax hikes, saying that increasing gas taxes are “user fees, not taxes.” But he ignores the fact that increasing prices at the pump are hurting St. Charles Countians who have to commute to work or school.

Bob’s opponent Shutdown Steve has proposed new property taxes in 2016 and on your internet purchases in 2022. He has opposed eliminating personal property taxes.
Bob believes that you, not government, know best how to spend your own money. Bob will end the endless tax hikes pushed by Shutdown Steve

Bob Onder and family at parade

End Over-regulation, Mandates, and Shutdowns

Shutdown Steve refused to listen to good advice he was given, and instead resorted to woke, big government “solutions” to all things related to COVID. His responses often were more like those of COVID Tyrant Sam Page than of Governors Ron DeSantis or Greg Abbott.

Shutdowns Steve shut down bars and restaurants, sent County Police to count numbers of patrons in small businesses, and cruelly deprived healthy St. Charles County children of over 350,000 school days with worthless “contact quarantines.” Worse yet, he refused to take responsibility, and “passed the buck” to everyone but himself.

Dr. Bob Onder, on the other hand, advocated for and passed 2021 language in HB 271 to reign in the public health tyrants who were shutting down our business and imposing mandates on our kids. Bob will always advocate for common sense solutions to our problems, not those prescribed by woke self-appointed “experts” or the mainstream media.

Meanwhile, Shutdown Steve continues to over-regulate private businesses, from construction and home building to barns and septic tanks. He even tried to force a farmer to get five demolition permits to take down barns already demolished by a tornado! Dr. Bob Onder is a businessman who knows that the government nanny state is not the right answer for the businesses or citizens of St. Charles County.

Secure Election Integrity

Dr. Bob Onder has worked tirelessly to secure election integrity – opposing early voting, ballot drop boxes, and ballot harvesting, and supporting voter photo ID, paper ballots, and secure in-person voting.

Bob’s opponent, Shutdown Steve, participated in the Left’s election fraud by taking “Zuckerbucks,” money from a program by which left wing billionaire Mark Zuckerberg influenced the 2020 election by giving money to election authorities to turn out Democrat voters.

Create Transparency

From use of federal COVID stimulus money to the dozens of lawsuits filed against executive departments in St. Charles County, Shutdown Steve has not been transparent with the public. Even now he is refusing to release numerous public documents in response to Sunshine Law requests.

Shutdown Steve even tried to sneak through a bill to prevent opponents from running against him, during the week of Christmas!

Dr. Bob Onder has always been transparent in his public and private dealings, and in the operation of his Senate office. He has always taken pride in “doing what he said he was going to do,” and he will continue to serve the public with honesty, integrity, and transparency as your County Executive.

Put Kids and Parents First in Education

Dr. Bob Onder has been a leader in putting children and parents first in education. He has worked tirelessly to give kids more educational options, including his 2018 Course Access bill and Education Savings Accounts in 2021. He has fought Critical Race Theory and sought to protect our kids from obscene materials in our schools.

In 2020 and 2021 Bob fought against Shutdown Steve’s worthless and cruel quarantines of health school children that caused them to miss over 350,000 days of school. In 2021 he passed language in H.B. 271 to prevent these abusive policies.